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Nude Yoga is exactly that....performing Yoga without clothes. Nude Yoga is an experience that breaks perceived boundaries and encourages participants to develop a new appreciation for the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga.

The goals of Nude Yoga are to:

* Encourage proper alignment during various yoga poses
* Promote a sense of openness among class participants
* Eliminate concerns about physical imperfections
* Help participants develop self-esteem

For years, people here in Vermont have been interested in learning and trying out Nude Yoga. To our knowledge, there has never been a Nude Yoga class offered in the State.

We hope to start our first class sometime in late 2008. If the class is popular, we would be happy to make Nude Yoga a regular event.

If you would like to be part of a Nude Yoga class, please use the form below to be added to our private email notification list. We will notify you about the class, the cost and location. This list is private and no one will have access to your email address except the staff of Naked In Vermont. You will only receive information about the Yoga Class and nothing else.

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Please Note The Following:

A) Our Nude Yoga Class is not meant to be sexual in nature. That would be Tantra Nude Yoga and we as true nudists have no intention of offering such a class.
B) Most of the people that are signing up to be in the planned Nude Yoga Class have never experienced such an event. Therefore, you would be joining many others who are also new to the concept so you can feel comfortable in the class.
C) Even though there is nothing sexual in nature in our Nude Yoga Class, you MUST be over 18 to participate unless one or more parents are present. Absolutely no exceptions!

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